The Hamster Alliance Licensing Terms

Revised May 14th 2020

All music by The Hamster Alliance (AKA Hamst3r, THA, Jamez Gillman) is under the following Creative Commons license:


You may use music by The Hamster Alliance for non-commercial purposes if you give credit to The Hamster Alliance.

Additional Permissions:

You are also welcome to use Hamster Alliance music in the following circumstances:

  1. Monetized Youtube videos and Twitch streams*
  2. School projects and performances
  3. Internal company videos and presentations
  4. Artist demo reels / Showreels, video resumes
* Assuming the usage isn't specifically to profit off of the music, such as with a music channel. Do not upload my music to music channels.

Example credits:

Music by The Hamster Alliance

The Hamster Alliance:

Music: Hamster Alliance - Song Title