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THA Collection 1998 - 2007 Track Listing

This is a list of the music in the THA Collection 1 (1998 – 2007).
The THA Collection contains 175 music tracks composed by The Hamster Alliance Between 1998 and October 2007.

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\0_Creme De La Creme\
THA – Ablation Cascade
THA – Chill Groove
THA – Coxcomb
THA – Detache Paniq
THA – Dog Snorkel
THA – Hematolysis
THA – Irrational Behavior
THA – Lonestar
THA – Mind Of A Lunatic
THA – NeuroTransmitter
THA – Number 6841
THA – Pursuit
THA – The Midnight Sun
THA – Time Out
THA – Work It Out

\1_Archive – 2006 – 2007\
THA – Arcade Mode
THA – Auto Life Fire
THA – Back In The Day
THA – Bass Ride
THA – Closer to Reality
THA – Faculty (writers block)
THA – Fullstop Rhythm
THA – Like Rilly It’s Pancho
THA – My Phone Is A Bomb (Ringtone)
THA – Old Skool Killah
THA – Rock This
THA – Rocketship (Manifold Mix)
THA – Rocketship

\2_Archive 2002 – 2005\
THA & Solarian – So Sadder
THA – Aeromebiaus
THA – Bite The Style
THA – Can’t Hold Me Back
THA – Clockwork Dreams
THA – Corkscrew
THA – Crazed
THA – Cyanphase Compo
THA – Driving scene (ft. Solarian)
THA – Efficency
THA – Endyah
THA – Enter the Urethra
THA – Fluffy Shit
THA – Galaxi0rz 19
THA – Hymn Compo 1 (Slow Morning)
THA – Hymn Compo 2 (Quirky)
THA – Hymn Compo 5 (Untitled)
THA – Hymn Compo 6 (Tribute)
THA – ILoveSluts
THA – In Balance
THA – Juggernauts
THA – Junk Funk
THA – Lego Compo 2
THA – Mathlidea
THA – Movie Trailer’s Day Off
THA – Nowhere
THA – Park Place
THA – Poor Drums
THA – Prehensile Penis
THA – Press OK to Crash
THA – Running Forever
THA – Sock-N-Bass
THA – Some Days I Pretend I Am Upset
THA – Some Kind of Something
THA – Speed
THA – The Boredom Takes Over
THA – The Daily Grind
THA – The Fleas Still Remember
THA – The Invasion has begun
THA – The Jizm (ft. Solarian)
THA – The Pentagon
THA – They’re On The Roof
THA – Touch (theme)
THA – We’re BELOW space!!!

\3_Archive 1998 – 2001\
THA – 6th Going in
THA – Aggression
THA – Anime Dance Explosion
THA – Big Brass Attack
THA – Blip
THA – Bond
THA – Break
THA – Choklit Coated Breakbeatz
THA – Crunch Grind
THA – Death Wench
THA – Deep Frost
THA – Everybody Hates U
THA – Fiendish
THA – Forsaken Intelligence
THA – Gah-Mah Lah-Mah
THA – Grunge Vibes
THA – I am the Computer
THA – I Know Where Bruce Lee Lives
THA – Inquitous Miscreant
THA – My Oh My are Those Big Beets
THA – Netherworld Demenia
THA – Pianozotta
THA – Pity Da Foo
THA – Power (ft. Solarian)
THA – Prodigy Demise
THA – Resquille Factor
THA – Samurai Jamez
THA – ShittyFuckFuck!
THA – Stutter’d Herd
THA – Surreal
THA – Unrealistic (2-10 mix)
THA – Wrath Of The Hamsters
THA – Zero Measure Destination

50 Cent – In Da Club (THA Step it Up Mix)
Chemical Brothers – Galvanize (THA Oldskool Hardcore Mix)
Dan Paladin – Watermelon (THA Surf Mix)
NIN – The Hand That Feeds (THA Groovy Breaks Mix)
The Revels – Comanche (THA BigBeat Mix)

\5_Incomplete, Unreleased, Tests and Fun\
Homeless pants (MTV Music Generator on PS1)
Ivan Ives – The Shadow (THA Clip)
THA – Amens
THA – Another Incomplete Something
THA – Bermuda Shuffle
THA – bossahamster
THA – Brush Yo Teeth!
THA – Closing The Deal
THA – Clover (BuZe Test)
THA – Dirty Socks (Clean Proper South)
THA – Dopetunez Compo
THA – F-Zero-Silence
THA – Five Four
THA – Frozen Over (Verdi In The Sampler Mix)
THA – Funkee (MTV Music Generator on PS1)
THA – Glico Chan
THA – Hamsternaptra
THA – HeadOn (Ringtone)
THA – Idle State
THA – In the Shade
THA – Infector Compo
THA – Meyham Breakz
THA – Midnight Slow Down
THA – Mystery Meat
THA – Neurotransmitter (THA 5000 BPM Remix)
THA – Not A Clue
THA – Oatmeal Craze
THA – Out There
THA – Pentagon (Square Mix)
THA – Pop Song
THA – Precisely what I wanted
THA – Pursuit (Alternative Mix)
THA – Pursuit (In Pursuit of Kayle Mix)
THA – Reapercussions
THA – rutgrhg
THA – Sexy Architecture (MTV Music Generator on PS1)
THA – Smooth Funk
THA – something ethnic
THA – Southern Sorrows
THA – Step it Up
THA – String Test 2
THA – String Test
THA – Swirling Ambient Rock Stuff
THA – TechnoSurfJockey
THA – The Dull Boring Song
THA – The Forbidden Dance
THA – The Koto Konspiracy
THA – The Pentagon (THA 5000 BPM Remix)
THA – The Snitch
THA – The Systematic Repsonse
THA – Thrown
THA – Uncool DNB
THA – Underneath The Earth
THA – Useless DNB
THA – Westcoast
THA – Where Are My Pants
THA – X2
THA – Yessir
The Revels – Comanche (THA BigBeat Mix at 5000 BPM Mix)
THA – Talos

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