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The Hamster Alliance is a one man music project. The goal of "THA" is to produce awesome and diverse music without constraints. All music by THA is freely available on the internet to listen to. If you would like to use THA music in a project, please send me an email

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.:THA Radio:.

THA Radio is a streaming music player with over 160 Hamster Alliance tracks. New tracks will appear here first, so if you’re looking for new THA hotness it’s probably here and it’s probably one of the first few tracks in the list.


.:Latest MP3 Downloads:.

Residual Simulation Disruptor Cannon  
Melodica Swindler's Skank Explosive Heat Death
Sthaga Riders of Vengeance Lies The Trapper
Treads Level Treads Garage Bullet Hell
Departures Exitium Aeternus (Empire of Sock) Neon Glow
The Stranger What This Could be Quake Theme (remix)
Secrets Facemelter Water World (Duke 3D Remix)
It's Gonna Be Alright Cerberus Falling Through The Air
Reveal (THA Chillout Mix) Going Down The Fast Way Passing Through You
The Collapse Rupture Phatican City
Silent Hill The Solution Sand Crab Riders
Neurotransmitter Decay Active Grid Materializing Cats
Murder Taxi Nightingale At Last…
Turboprop Zweidecker Half Past
Hollywood The Reapers Garryware
Corona After The Last Sunset Nihilist
Ocean (ft. Larissa) Stale Regrets Defense Mechanisms
Influence of Mind Chaos Out Of Nothingness Astral Projection
Climate Change Solarphage Mode 7
Making Contact Deep-Fried Dropkick Everything Resolves
Impact Event Linear Implosion The Fantastical Nikmis
Slow Loris Marble Madness The End Of Us All
Attaining Liberation Discovery Still Alive
Salaryman Chell’s Revenge Eternal Watchers
Soaring Eagles WargaNegara Remix In The Cake
If Lost Fade Away Barricade of Fire Where Am I? [extended]
Coxcomb Hematolysis Number 6841
Mind of a Lunatic The Midnight Sun Ablation Cascade
Neurotransmitter Irrational Behavior Lonestar
Dog Snorkel Work It Out Rocketship


.:Blue Portals:.

This is the soundtrack for the Portal modification titled Blue Portals. Information about the mod can be found on ModDB.

This music differs yet again from my prior set of Portal Inspired Music in that the lead designer requested that the music be less ambient and more melodic, sometimes calling for drums and organic instruments.

1. Materializing Cats in Space
2. Simply Think
3. Empty Chasms
4. Grinding Gears
5. Tea Party
6. Portal Dust
7. The Overseer
8. Where The Nightingale Sings
9. Quarter-Mile
10. System Error

[DOWNLOAD] – All 10 tracks in a .ZIP file.

.:Aperture: Déjà Vu:.

This is the soundtrack for the Portal modification titled Aperture: Déjà vu. Information about the mod can be found on ModDB.

This music differs from my prior set of Portal Inspired Music in that the lead designer requested that the music be less melodic and more ambient. This set of music has also been mixed louder than the previous set, so it should fit better in your music collection. :)

1. Deja Vu
2. Coil
3. Cyclical Chambers
4. Soul of the Machine
5. Administrator Access
6. Redundancy
7. Paramnesia
8. Why Did You Come Here

[DOWNLOAD] – All 8 tracks in a .ZIP file.

.:THA Collection - Version 1:.

The THA Collection contains 175 music tracks composed by The Hamster Alliance Between 1998 and October 2007. The collection is organized into several folders for ease of use. There is also a text file included with the collection that can provide some insight into the music and how the collection is organized.


[DOWNLOAD] (536 MB .RAR file)

.:Portal Inspired Music:.


After playing the game Portal by Valve software, I decided to write some new music inspired by the events in the game and the emotions that the lead character might have been going through. Most of the music is very sparse with no percussion, relying heavily on atmosphere and subtle changes.

I made a Weighted Companion Cube wallpaper as well, right HERE.

1. Lost Chambers
2. The Cake Is A Lie
3. They Should Have Sent A Theoretical Physicist…
4. Where Am I?
5. Don’t Talk About Portal Club
6. Live Fire
7. Required Test Protocol
8. Endless Chamber
9. Full-Time Employee
10. Contemplation In Silence
11. Stress Free Environment
12. Tunneling Deeper
13. System Error
14. High-Energy Pellet
15. It’s The Future

[DOWNLOAD] – All 15 tracks in a .RAR file.


.:ezmuze+ Hamst3r edition:.

ezmuze+ Hamst3r edition (EZMHE) is a loop-based music creation program for the XBOX 360, developed by The Hamster Alliance and Mad Ninja Skillz. EZMHE was released on May 06, 2009. [more info]

These MP3s are demos of what EZMHE is capable of, with the exception of the music that plays during the credits screen, which was not made with EZMHE.

Supremacy Gorby’s Song EZMHE Demo
EZMHE Credits LoFi EZMHE Credits HQ Mix


.:Johnny Rocketfingers 2:.

Some of my music was used in the popular Flash game Johnny Rocketfingers 2.
1. THA – Speed ( Tutorial )
2. NIN – The Hand That Feeds (THA Mix) ( Barely noticable snippet )
3. End Titles ( Obvious )
Any other music in the game was by The Thumpmonks.

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