The Hamster Alliance

The Hamster Alliance is a one man music project. The goal of "THA" is to produce awesome and diverse music without constraints. All music by THA is freely available on the internet to listen to. If you would like to use THA music in a project, please send me an email

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.:Buzz 101: Video Tutorial:.

Learn how to use Buzz Tracker with this high quality Video Tutorial!
Learn the basics of the Buzz interface, how to add machines, program notes, connect effects and make a pattern sequence. The video is 12 and a half minutes.

[Download] – 800×600 high resolution version (35 MB).
[Watch] – low resolution version on Youtube.

.:Buzz Tutorials:.

Grain Drone – Turn any sample in to an awesome drone. Includes presets.

Rain Cloud – Use Granular synthesis to create a convincing rain sound.

Benassi Bass – Saw bass, with reverb, ducking and filtering like in Satisfaction.

I Wanna Be… – Distorted drums like in the NIN song, The Great Destroyer.

Dual Philthy – Achieve a phatter sound by using parallel filters.

NeuroTransmitter – The lead synth from NeuroTransmitter.

Volume Envelope Span – Tighten-up programmed drums.

Ultimate Unison – Fancy super-wide chorus effect.

Release Me – A dark synth with a nice release phase.

Junglist – A popular jungle bass sound.

lil’ Jon Saw – Used in every track produced by Lil’ Jon.

Darude Synth – The synth sound used in Sandstorm.

Guitar for Bells – HD JGuitar can be used for mallet instruments.

Daft Ducker – Side-chain Compression technique, like Daft Punk.

Detune Synth – Swirling synth pad that slides into pitch.

DnB OzO Bass – A popular Drum’n‘Bass Sound.

Didgital Didjeridu – A Didjeridu type sound.

Demoscene Synths – Eventually became the song Galaxi0rz 19.

There are more tutorials and other files in here.

.:Miscellaneous Buzz files:.

Hamst3r-Index – A very popular index for sorting Buzz machines [download]

Midnight – A dark and muted color scheme [download]

Sexy Buzz Icons – Round, modern-looking program icons for Buzz. There are also really big, detailed versions for dock applications. (Rocket Dock, Object Dock, etc.)

Drumkits – for the PSI Drum 2 [directory]

Presets – a large collection of machine presets [download]

.:Sample Packs:.

These packs are in either ZIP or RAR format.

Laundry Basket (8.88mb) – percussive samples made with a flipped-over metal laundry basket.

Custom Drumloops 2 (5.31 mb) – Old drum machines, abused breaks and some other stuff used to make percussive loops.

Talking Drum Loops (2.59 mb) – Recordings of me playing a Talking Drum. Recorded with a Shure SM57 mic and UA 1176 Pre-Amp.

Yamaha VSS-30 (4.30mb) – A cheap keyboard…with an 8-bit sampler, built-in mic, LFO’s, ring mod, envelopes and more.

Stab Wound (2.9 mb) – The mutilation of a watermelon using a knife and a spoon.

Custom Drumloops 1 (2.52 mb) – programmed oneshot samples processed through various effects.

Big Hitters (2.25mb) – Big Bassy Smashers. Use in place of crash cymbals or other weakling sounds.

Analog Distortion (7.51mb) – A small assortment of sounds. Some made with a Roland MKS-50.

Juno Synths 1 (4.30mb) – A few samples from a Roland Alpha Juno.

Hardcore Drums (720 kb) – Things that are distorted and go bump. This is an old pack, it’s pretty bad.

Custom Drums 1 (587 kb) – a old pack of not particularly useful drum samples.

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