The Hamster Alliance

The Hamster Alliance is a one man music project. The goal of "THA" is to produce awesome and diverse music without constraints. All music by THA is freely available on the internet to listen to. If you would like to use THA music in a project, please send me an email

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This section will be updated as I think of things you might want to know. If there’s anything not covered in here, send me an email. My email is on the Home page. :)

About Hamst3r

1. Who is Hamst3r?

My name is Jamez and I go by the alias, “Hamst3r”. I use it when I post on forums, chat on IRC and when I play games online. If someone else has already registered the name I will use any of the following: HamsterAlliance, [THA]-Hamst3r, -THA-Hamst3r and Hamst4r. If you’re ever uncertain if someone claiming to be, “Hamst3r” is really me, just send me an email.

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2. What is The Hamster Alliance?

I also release music under the alias, “The Hamster Alliance“. I’ve been using this alias since at least 1997. Prior to becoming The Hamster Alliance I was Jamez The Giant Hamster on the original

3. Who is Jamez?

My real name is Jamez Gillman and I live in Colorado Springs. I am originally from Los Angeles.

4. Why can’t I leave comments?
You can leave comments, just not on individual updates. Use the Shoutbox on the right, it shows up on every page just like it used to on the old site.

Gifts, Donations, Support...

Q: I love your music! How can I support THA?

1. Simply emailing me to let me know that you really like the music is always nice. I save all of those emails! Fan art and photos are cool too!

2. You can donate via Paypal

3. Or send me an Gift Code

You can get one right here on and have it sent directly to my email. :)

Portal: Companion Cube Wallpaper

Q: OMG, Where’s the Portal Weighted Companion Cube Desktop Wallpaper!?

A: OMG, You’re right, it’s not here!

It’s actually over HERE on because it’s not music related. You can also leave me nice comments about the wallpaper on that page. :) vs.

Q: Why do you have two separate sites? Why not just make a page on for the Hamst3r blog?

A: The main reason is because I plan on expanding both sites.

For, I plan on making reviews for the video games I play and creating a Reviews tab up top.

For, I plan on recreating the Submersible Hamster artist showcase and possibly creating mini-profiles for a few artists on this site.

I have other ideas too. Eventually, having all of this on one site would make it very crowded…a bit like viewing your typical big name site. I don’t want that to happen.

Also, If someone doesn’t care about anything I have to say and they just want to hear the music, then they can visit Alternatively, if someone has no interest in my music but they know me from a gaming website, they can visit

It may seem more complex having two sites, but it’s actually simpler. Imagine if, and – all owned by CNET – were merged together into one mega-site. It would be an absolute mess.

Support THA

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So I can keep my music free.


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