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jalexg : cool to see ya still makin music! rock on mate!
ailura : i love your music in splody. that's what led me here. awesome stuff!
prosthesis_ : i love tigran hamasyan's work and i think everyone would benefit from listening to him. try "shadow theater" & "mockroot
hamst3r : i'm pretty sure two of the songs in gun mayhem are 'the pentagon' and 'driving scene'. dunno if there were others.
gumballer : can you be in newgrounds?
gumballer : what's the music in gun mayhem 2? please i need it :d
hamst3r : 2.0 isn't going to have a pc version, but if we manage to make another ezmuze that one might! :)
raylow1 : will you make a pc vershion to ezmuze+2.0
railblade : ham omg this is incredible duder. i really hope you explore this genre more
mrz : real soon™